Cancer Trumped Raw pet dog Food


cancer as well as raw pet dog food

Today I’m sharing some poor news with you guys. Unfortunately, it appears like the nasty C has discovered its method back into our lives in type of a mast cell tumor on my pet dog Missy’s throat.

For those of you who don’t understand – my Boxer mix Missy was very first diagnosed with cancer in late 2014, at only 3 years of youth. Back then, she had a similar tumor eliminated as well as underwent 4 rounds of preventative chemotherapy treatment, for the grand overall of $7,689.20.

Our medical health problem insurance coverage with family pets finest ended up covering $6,177.18. As the monthly insurance coverage rate has considering that then climbed from $76 to $185, I just just recently scratched the health problem security from our insurance coverage plan (go figure) as well as only kept mishap coverage, which is an inexpensive $20 per month.

How I discovered out about my dog’s cancer

A few days ago, I took Missy to our routine vet for an examination to have 2 lumps inspected out. One is on the ideal side of her throat where the very first tumor was located. The other one is on the left side of her face, ideal below her left ear.

Our vet Dr. Schaller very first looked at the one found on her deal with as well as was positive when specifying that she might take it off at her practice, however the expression on her deal with instantly altered when she felt the lump on Missy’s throat.

It appears to be a grade II mast cell tumor. Those grow below the skin in the subcutaneous tissues.

Referral to oncologist

Our vet explained she would have to refer us back to the Veterinary Specialty healthcare facility (VSH) in Cary, N.C., where Missy had been treated in late 2014/early 2015. She provided Missy a heartfelt kiss on her adorable bit head. Kulaus.

After Dr. Schaller made the referral to the VSH, I called to make an visit with one of their oncologists. Missy will be taken a look at Monday afternoon (the day this blog publish goes live) as well as provided a prognosis.

We’ll take it from there, as well as I’ll keep you people updated on our new cancer journey. Paws crossed for somewhat great news.

Cancer as well as raw pet dog food – cancer busted my bubble

Now what does all of this have to make with raw feeding? Well, Missy’s very first cancer diagnosis got me started on our raw feeding journey.

Until then, her as well as her sibling Buzz had been on a kibble/wet food diet, essentially for the very first 3 years of their lives.

So while Missy was doing a fantastic task kicking cancer’s butt with the assist of the oncologist personnel at the VSH, I attempted to comprehend exactly how a 3 year old pet dog might potentially come down with cancer.

Missy after her tumor removal surgery

On, I discovered that Boxers are genetically predisposed to having the greatest incidence of mast cell tumors, which did, indeed, end up being Missy’s Boxer mom’s death sentence at age 3.

I likewise heard holistic veterinarians such as Dr. Karen Becker, Dr. Dee Blanco, as well as the lots of contributors of Dogs naturally magazine state as well as compose that extremely processed pet dog food may be contributing to the canine cancer epidemic.

The benefits of a raw pet dog food diet

Coincidentally, I kept hearing them talk about an alternate that sounded appealing to me – a fresh, raw food diet plan with the complying with benefits:

severely minimized allergy symptoms
shiny, full coats
valkoiset hampaat
smaller poop
less doggie smell
strengthened immune system
and, what stuck with me the most, a minimized cancer risk.

So while I undoubtedly couldn’t do anything about my bit puppy woman being part Boxer, I figured I might at least provide this raw food thing a try in buy to keep the cancer at bay for as long as possible. ideally many, lots of years.

Over the program of the past 3 years, I was able to notice lots of of above provided benefits in both pups.

Their coats are gorgeous as well as shiny, their teeth are clean without me having to clean them as well as Buzz no longer has ear infections. Their poop volume has decreased, as well as they genuinely don’t have that normal pet dog smell.

I admit that when the very first two yearly total blood counts showed that Missy (& Buzz) were in fantastic health, I didn’t believe that we’d ever be taking care of cancer again.

Well, the nasty C just verified me wrong. While Missy stayed complimentary of mast cell tumors for 3 years, the darn cancer has caught back up with us as well as busted my bubble, in spite of feeding a species-appropriate, raw meat diet.

Missy during a chemotherapy session

Am I going to continue to feed my dogs raw?

You may be wondering whether I’m going to continue to feed raw? You bet.

And every pet dog who’ll comply with in Missy’s (& her sibling Buzz’s) paw prints will be fed a fresh, nourishing raw meat diet. That’s a pledge you can hold me to.

Although, I dEi usko, että raaka ruokavaliosuunnitelma voi 100 -prosenttisesti päästä eroon syöpäuhasta, etenkin lemmikkieläinkoirirotuissa, joilla on suuri vaara, että syöpä on diagnosoitu heidän genetiikansa vuoksi.

Uskon kuitenkin, että se vaikuttaa valtavasti yleiseen terveyteen. Se vahvistaa koiran immuunijärjestelmää ja lopulta pidentää niiden elinajanodotetta.

Kysy minkä tahansa tyyppisiltä raa’alta syöttölaitteelta, joka esittelee ylpeänä raa’ita ruokittuja pentujaan sosiaalisessa verkostossa sekä saarnaa terveys- ja hyvinvointietuja. Niiden lukemattomien ihmisten täytyy olla jotain.

Tarvitsetko inspiraatiota? Suorita vain hashtag -selaus Instagramissa #RawFeedingCommunity -sovellusta tai liity raa’an ruokinnan Facebook -ryhmään.

Kuka tietää, ehkä Missyn syöpä olisi palannut paljon aikaisemmin kuin se, jos jatkoisin hänen erittäin jalostettua, kuiva lemmikkikoiran ruokaa. Ehkä raaka ruokavaliosuunnitelma sai meille 3 ylimääräistä vuotta Missyn kanssa.

Barbara -joet säveltävät rutiininomaisesti tuon muttinsa kahden nyrkkeilijän ruokinnasta, joka sekoittaa raa’an lemmikkikoiran ruokavalion. Hän on blogikirjoittaja sekä lemmikkikoirakävelijä ja säilyttää blogin K9S kahvin yli.

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