ADAPTIL® for Dogs afraid of Fireworks


I hope your pet dog isn’t terrified of fireworks or thunderstorms, but regrettably this is a common problem this time of year.

If your pet dog has a concern of fireworks or thunder, one product that can help is called ADAPTIL® for Dogs.

ADAPTIL® is created to minimize a dog’s anxiety using pet dog appeasing pheromones. The product can help your pet dog feel safe in stressful or scary situations.

This post is sponsored by Ceva animal Health. Ceva is the maker of ADAPTIL®.

My pet dog Remy the weimaraner

I’m thankful my weimaraner Remy does not seem to be afraid of fireworks or other loud noises, but I also know the fourth of July and other holidays cause a lot of anxiety and anxiety for some dogs and as a result their owners!

ADAPTIL® pet dog appeasing pheromones – how it works

ADAPTIL® mimics the natural pet dog appeasing pheromone dogs know from birth. It can help them feel safe and safe in their environment during stressful situations.

These odorless messages are only perceived by dogs. They work outside the body and can affect the behavior of others of its species.

*Get my ideas on how to help a pet dog who’s afraid of fireworks. Klikkaa tästä.

ADAPTIL Calm home Diffuser

It is available in several easy-to-use formats including:

• ADAPTIL® travel Spray – can be applied to your dog’s bedding or a bandana (like Remy is wearing in the pics)• ADAPTIL® Calm On-the-Go Collar – good for travel• ADAPTIL® Calm home Diffuser – for at home during storms, fireworks, etc. (shown above)

It is available through various veterinarians’ offices, PetSmart and Amazon (aff links above). A prescription is not required.

Signs your pet dog is afraid of fireworks

Remy looking afraid … but he’s not really

ADAPTIL® is created to help dogs feel a lot more safe and must minimize or stop stress-related behaviors.

If your pet dog is terrified of thunder or fireworks, some of the behaviors you might see include:

Whining, barking or howling
Yawning or “flicking” their tongue
Pawing at you
Digging” or clawing at the floor
Trying to hide
More drooling than normal
Having accidents
Refusing to eat
Destroying property

Every pet dog is different and some dogs show a lot more extreme signs of concern or anxiety than others.

Besides helping a pet dog feel safe during fireworks, ADAPTIL® can also help a pet dog with other issues such as:

Visiting the vet
Adjusting to a new home
Stress around visitors in the home
Travel anxiety

What to do if your pet dog is afraid of fireworks

If your pet dog is afraid of fireworks, I suggest the following:

ADAPTIL®: try the ADAPTIL® travel Spray (pictured below) or the ADAPTIL® Calm home Diffuser for your dog. The spray can be applied directly to their bedding or to a bandana. The diffuser can be set up in a room where your pet dog usually spends his time such as next to his pet dog bed or a kennel/crate.

Plenty of exercise. This is not going to remove your dog’s concern but the less pent-up energy he has, the much easier it will be for him to relax. See my post: pet dog exercise tips.

Food-dispensing toys. give your pet dog a high-value chew toy or bone such as a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and frozen or a large bully stick. Some dogs will not accept these kinds of treats if they are afraid but for others it can be a good distraction.

Safe/secure place to hide. I recommend you stay home with your pet dog if you know there will be fireworks. supply him with a safe, safe place to hide out such as a pet dog bed in the corner of a central room or a kennel/crate if he usually feels safe there.

Background noise: often it can help to supply some background noise or “white noise” such as an air conditioner or a loud fan, music or a TV.

*Get my ideas on how to help a pet dog who’s afraid of fireworks. Klikkaa tästä.

We often hear about dogs showing a concern of fireworks, but cats can also be afraid of the noise.

See our post: What to do if your pet dog is afraid of fireworks

FELIWAY® for Cats – concern of fireworks or thunder

You do not hear of cats being terrified of fireworks nearly as often as dogs, and that’s probably because cats don’t show such evident signs. They might hide out in a quiet corner of the house vs. running around barking and panting.

My cat Scout is a sensitive guy!

FELIWAY® helps sensitive cats, jotka pelkäävät kovaa ääntä. Tuote jäljittelee luonnonkissan kasvoferomonia, jota kissat käyttävät merkitsemään alueensa turvalliseksi, CEVA: n mukaan. Tästä syystä se voi auttaa kissoja tuntemaan olonsa turvallisemmaksi stressin hoidossa.

Jotkut kissanomistajat käyttävät Feliway® Classicia matkustettaessa tai liikkuessa kissojensa kanssa tai jos he lisäävät toisen kissan perheeseen (katso Feliway® Multicat).

Feliway® on saatavana seuraavissa muodoissa:

• Feliway® Classic Spray- voidaan levittää kissan vuodevaatteisiin. Ohjaa naarmuuntumista naarmuuntumiseen

Kuva Beamerista, koska kaipaamme häntä!

Onko sinulla kysyttävää Adaptil® tai Feliway®?

Kerro minulle kommenteissa!

Ole hyvä ja jaa tämä viesti jokaiselle henkilölle, joka voisi hyötyä Adaptil®: sta. Kiitos!

Tässä on lyhyt video, jonka teimme Adaptil®: stä:

*Hanki ideoitani siitä, kuinka auttaa lemmikkikoiraa, joka pelkää ilotulitteita. Klikkaa tästä.

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