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Note: This post is written by Julia Thomson from the blog home On 129 Acres. hear Doggy! is supplying the toys for our giveaway.

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We were over at our friends’ house for dinner. Their pet dog was very nicely sharing her toys with our dog, Baxter.

I pulled a stuffed moose out of the toy box and gave it a squeeze.

I said, “Oh, the squeaker’s popped. We have lots of these toys at our house too.”

Our pal said to me, “No. It’s not popped. look at Baxter.”

Sure enough, I gave it a squeeze again and saw his ears twitch in anticipation. I tossed the toy, and he took off after it and then spent the evening happily squeezing the toy.

[quote_center]The squeaker is pitched to a frequency that dogs can hear but humans cannot.[/quote_center]

It turns out, the toy was a hear Doggy! At its heart is a “silent” squeaker. The squeaker is pitched to a frequency that dogs can hear but humans cannot. and it was a substantial hit with our dog.

A few weeks later found us back in our friends’ neighborhood, so we popped into the local pet store. There was a wall full of hear Doggy! eläimet.

We tried them all out—no squeaks—and picked out the animal that we thought Baxter would like best—a cow. At the last minute, we reconsidered our choice of a white pet dog toy and said, “Let’s get the yellow cow instead.”

At the counter, the clerk said, “Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Yep. We’re going to take the yellow cow.”

“Ummm, you indicate the giraffe?”

“Uh, yeah, the giraffe.”


Cow or giraffe, it didn’t matter to Baxter.

He loves his “Yellow Cow.” He will happily chomp away, squeaking silently. Baxter has been known to tear stuffies apart, but he has not attempted to mutilate Yellow Cow.

Hear Doggy! is also strong enough to stand up to fetch, tug and regular rounds in the washing machine. Plus, the squeaker is still squeaking away—apparently. All we hear is an occasional gush of air being pushed out of the toy.

If your pet dog likes squeaker toys—and you don’t love hearing the sound over and over and over again—Hear Doggy! is a terrific solution. Human and pet dog approved.

*Note: After That Mutt reached out to hear Doggy for this post, they sent Baxter a new toy—a white cow! White Cow is Baxter’s new best friend. thanks so much to hear Doggy!

Giveaway – Win three complimentary hear Doggy! toys for your dog

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